Glory of The Latter House PROJECT Kickoff

Triumph Restoration, where Dr. Rufus Rawls is the pastor, was a church that recently collapsed. They are staying encouraged and coming together and are stronger than ever. They have decided to start the Glory of the Latter House Project Series.

This series will be kicking off on Sunday, August 13 and starting at 5PM. The exact location of 407 Gallatin St. Summit, MS.

Glory of the latter house. -Haggai 2:9

There will be prayer, praise and worship service to start off the rebuilding efforts for Triumph Restoration.

— Everyone Is Invited!! —

To donate and help support the rebuilding efforts to get this church back up and running, follow information below:

To make deposit into their credit union account go to:

  2. Find a branch near you by typing in your zip code
  3. When fill out deposit ticket make donation out to Triumph Restoration

Routing No. 265377484

Account No. 1013030039792

(One of the Credit Unions they have here: Central Sunbelt FCU at 1417 Aston Ave. )

— You can also donate at any state bank branch —

Triumph Restoration Account for State Bank Branch:

Routing No. 084202219

Account No. 440012326

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