The Power in Family Vision Workshop

This workshop will give you the chance to create a roadmap that will lift your family out of poverty and put them on a path of Godly success, move your family from the 91% with no family vision to the 9% who does have a family vision, learn several benefits that a family vision can have on your and your family, learn how to construct, implement and maintain an inspiring family vision and more!!

This workshop will be taking place theseĀ following days:
-March 30 7PM – 9PM
-March 31 7PM – 9PM
-April 1 10AM – 1PMĀ 

Where: Pine Grove M. B. Church- 3106 Highway 98 West Summit, MS

–Classes are FREE–
To register: 763.325.7940 or

Book signing: Thursday & Friday at 6PM and Saturday at 9AM


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